Believe it or not Charles Benito “Beato” Bonafacia was born deaf. That’s a great first line for a bio about a musician isn’t it?
Unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s true. It was just an ear infection that prevented him from hearing. It’s not like he needed ear implants or anything.
It all started when his parents noticed that he never even tried to talk. So of course they thought; oh well, we made a dumb kid. But his doctor suspected something else. the doctor did some tests by making noices around the child, and
The kid wasn’t even reacting. Then after some more tests he concluded that this child had an ear infection that prevented him from hearing.
So he washed the infection and it was disgusting.
So anyway, back in the car mom and dad put the child in the back seat.  Now I have to give you a bit of background information here.
Back then in Curacao KFC wasn’t a thing yet. It was just Kentucky Fried Chicken. so to avoid saying such a long name people would just say; hey, let’s go to kentucky.
So back in the car, mom said; I’m tired i don’t wanna cook, let’s go to kentucky. From the back seat they heard a small voice yell; Kentucky!
Haha as the story goes, that was a very happy moment in the family. On the way back home Beato was repeating word after word, just like that. Not sentences obviously, but words.
So anyway, Beato is a playful singersongwriter who also happens to be an audio engineer. What a plottwist hah. From being born deaf to audio engineer.
One day he pointed to a corner in the yard and said to his dad; I’m going to build a recording studio right there. Problem was there was a pile of sea rocks there plus a tree. Like it wasn’t a build-ready corner, put it that way. His dad laughed and said; Ok, start cleaning that corner. Thinking maybe his child was just bluffing.
But Beato never saw it as a problem. Using his team building skills he recruited some friends and started digging. It was hard work. The stones where covered with dirt and the dirt was hard because it was wet once but then it dried up. When you work that hard you can taste the salt in your sweat. You become so jacked, people will start thinking you have a subscription to the gym.
After they cleared the area, Dad helped him with the measurments and said; Ok, now you have to dig the foundation.
Being used to the hard work this one went very easy. It took 6 months to clear the area and dig the foundation. Maybe more, maybe less.
Then he somehow magically realised; But wait a minute here, we need money to build this thing. I mean materials need to be bought, right?
That’s when the hustle really began. Beato had already been experimenting with recording equipment both at home and at a friend’s house. So he litirally did everything to get the money.
From recording his group of friends and selling the CD’s in front of supermarkets, recording and mixing other people’s music for a fee, to working several jobs. Eventually by selling CD’s word spread around
about this group of friends who made great music. And so next thing you know, they started to get shows.
Then he realised: hmm, these people are making money off of my music, maybe I should start throwing my own parties. So that’s what he did.
He even got signed to a record label to produce music for even more artists.
So that’s how he came up with the money. And 3 years later the studio was ready.
Now being the perfectionist the he is, he never was really satisfied with the quality of his work. Even though everybody agreed his production sounded great, He still felt that he wasn’t as good as he potentially could be.
That’s when Beato decided that he needed a mentor. So he packed his things and left for Holland to study to become a professional audio engineer. And as of June 14th 2017 I can officially say that he successfully graduated at
Grafische Lyceum Rotterdam as a Stage & Event Technician specialized in Audio Engineering.
Beato is his third name which in spanish means a level just before becoming a saint. At first he was embarrased by that name and he never used it. Because it’s a spanish name, everybody read it like you see it.
But then a friend in Holland saw his passport and said: hey that’s a cool name. Beato was like: what do you mean. And his friend read his name in english, like Beat with an O, Beato!
That’s when it all clicked. And he realised that he never liked his name because he was pronouncing it the wrong way, for his entire life. So now he proudly tells everyone: My name is Beato!
Beato has a long past in music, and now he is recording his own music as a singersongwriter.
His music can be heard on spotify, youtube and soundcloud but he is also very active on instagram.
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